W&MA helps to control the spread of the corona virus

The Nose Personal Protection Unit or NPPU

Global vaccination to reduce the devastating effects of the coronavirus is a must, but that process will take years. Until then, we have to stay save with precautions such as physical distancing, wearing a mask, regularly cleaning hands. But lots of people cannot meet those requirements or get tired of the imposed measures, restrictions and ill-fitting masks.

Slowly but certainly our first line of defence vanishes, but corona is here to stay. How can we protect others and ourselves if we don’t know who is infected?

While the production of coronavirus vaccines is moving at high speed, vaccination coverage is still low and the need for other precautions will likely remain for years to come. In addition to existing preventive measures W&MA has developed an effective, inexpensive and easy to use protection device, The Nose Personal Protection Unit or NPPU.

The NPPU reduces the infection risk and spread of the coronavirus considerably.

To speed up the process we require involvement of real experts

Based on extensive literature survey and the first indicative tests, it is obvious that the NPPU reduces the bacteria and virus load in the respiratory track. Although we have confidence in the effectiveness and safety of the NPPU, we still have to go through several phases to get the device officially approved. Only massive testing and extensive medical research can provide sufficient medical validation of the potential health benefits. As our expertise mainly lies in the field of chemical engineering, we need other experts to speed up the process, both in terms of content and financial means.

We seek cooperation! By making 1000 devices available for research, we aim to encourage a university and/or medical institution to cooperate in a test on e.g. students, visitors to events or supporters. We would like to know as soon as possible whether the NPPU can lower the transmission and infection rate. Interested? Tell us about it!

The NPPU for testing and research actions

As stated earlier only controlled testing and extensive medical research can provide efficiency and medical validation. Universities, schools, events and clubs who accept the challenge can order The NPPU for free or at a reduced price after sending us a brief description of the research plan. Interested in buying NPPU units?

The NPPU for personal use

All information on this website is for research purposes only. Unfortunately, the validation of the NPPU is going to take some time. Therefore, we decided to accommodate people who want to obtain the NPPU for personal use. Read the manual before placing the order. The NPPU can be ordered for personal use exclusively as a nose clamp / jewel without medical claims. Pending approvals required we will only process the order after the buyer agrees to use the NPPU at his/her own risk.