We focus on health

W&MA focuses on improving the health of people. We use our knowledge and experience to develop products which are beneficial to the health of all people. Right now, COVID-19 is the most urgent health issue worldwide.

W&MA wants to help and make a difference

This is who we are


Michel (63)


Has worked for 30 years at DSM in production, engineering and R&D and 17 years at the University of Groningen as prof. chemical engineering.


Alex (62)


Has worked for 30 years at DSM in R&D and is founder and current director of the foundation Water4Life, for which he has worked more than 15 years.

We are eager to collaborate with different universities and experts who are willing to help us to get the NPPU approved. Feel free to send us your questions or requests in the contact form on the right or visit one of our pages for more information.

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