Our objective is to use knowledge and expertise for the people who need it

All hope is now targeted at Corona vaccines and yet in many parts of the world the roll-out has been at best patchy. Some poorer countries find themselves shut out altogether in the vaccine scramble. Many of their citizens will have to wait years to get vaccinated. And what if the virus mutates even further?

Fighting Corona is not only about vaccinating billions of people. It’s also about wearing face masks, practice social distancing, washing hands, avoiding busy places, limiting contacts, e.g. Unfortunately, this is not possible for everyone. Poverty and social inequalities increase the risk of contamination and decrease opportunities for protection.

research illustration
the NPPU product

More ways to protect everyone

We have to develop more ways to protect everyone, effective, simple and inexpensive.

The NPPU ticks all the boxes. It reduces transmission of the virus, is very small, easy to place and remove after use. It can be easily cleaned and re-used. Global mass production presents no technical difficulties at all and has been demonstrated.

To speed up the process we need involvement of other experts

The degree of reduction is now an urgent and critical question, for which we require support, both in terms of content and finances.

We are seeking for critical contribution and support by experts and collaboration with experts and governments to force the introduction of the NPPU, based on proven scientific knowledge by experts in the field. We would like to challenge the worldwide research community to generate the needed confidence in this inexpensive solution for infection reduction.

The dilemma of having a cheap potential transmission reduction tool available for research with the potential of sufficient transmission reduction and no foreseeable safety risk but not available for personal use, seems not right.