Reducing the infection potential of inhaled and exhaled air

The NPPU is a small nose clamp shaped to touch the mucus of the nose. It disarms bacteria and viruses in the upper respiratory system before you get infected, therefore before you get ill.

The NPPU is a simple personal protection equipment (PPE). It’s easy to place and remove after use. It can be cleaned, re-used and regenerated.

The infection potential of transmission by airflow is directly linked to the concentration and activity of bacteria and viruses present in the mucus. Less bacteria and viruses lower the viral load.

The NPPU is made of pure copper which reduces the bacteria and virus load in the mucus of the nose and throat. It activates the immune system to be prepared to attack bacteria and viruses in inhaled and exhaled air. A lower viral load equals a lower infection risk.

nppu front

Absence of direct evidence is not evidence of absence

The antibacterial and antiviral properties of copper are known, proven and used in health applications. The NPPU’s effectiveness, as a short time bacteria and virus transmission reducer, needs to be verified by further testing and research.

The short- and long-term health risks of wearing the NPPU are not yet investigated in-depth. A brief literature survey and our own experience reveal no negative short-term health risk when wearing the NPPU less than 4 hours/day. A risk and user-manual based on current knowledge can be downloaded.

the NPPU product

It’s a sure thing that the resulting mucus …

recognizes the bacteria and viruses faster

– The metal ions taken up by the bacteria and viruses make them better recognizable for the innate immune system.

– This is applicable to the immune system of both the carrier and the receiver of the airborne mucus.

is stand-by for actions by the immune system

The body strange amino acids released by the destroyed bacteria’s DNA and virus’s RNA activates the innate immune system in the mucus.

has a lower active bacteria and virus load present.

– The metal ions in the mucus destroy part of the bacteria and viruses, due to excessive metal uptake.

– The immune system destroys part of the bacteria and viruses.

– This is applicable to the immune system of both the carrier and the receiver of the airborne mucus.